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Aloha Epic Soul! 

Welcome to my digital home! This website is like my ship, my virtual home base that goes with me wherever I go. Come on in, make yourself at home and explore all the rooms. If this feels like home to you too, then please, by all means,  pack your bags, jump in and explore the world with me. 

Though my name is Anita Wing Lee, my identity is an awakened soul committed to living my highest calling in this lifetime. All of the writing, photos, videos and content are the overflow of my open heart and a reflection of my spirit.

Though I come to you as one, I stand here as ten thousand. I am a pioneer of my generation, called to create new ways of living, leading, giving, traveling and earning. I figure it out as I go - with all it's messiness and mishaps, tribulations and triumphs - and I share it with you my tribe openly and honestly. Everyday.

We Are The Generation

We refuse to allow others to dismiss us for our age.
We're not here to break down anything or "screw" a 9 to 5.
We care about doing work that matters.
We're not asking for permission. We're just DOING it.
We believe there is another way beyond the job-paycheque-mortage paradigm.
We believe that love is the answer.
We dig deep and find the courage to blaze new path.

This is what I live, breathe, eat, sleep and pack in my suitcase.

Here's the short (ok, nevermind, LONG) version of my story:

By all accounts, I was set for a "good life". I went to a good school. I got good grades. I got good jobs. I had a good family. I had good friends. I had good religious beliefs. I had a good resume and good job prospects.

So did I leave it all behind and choose to travel the world full-time?

Because I knew there was something more I was meant to do with my life. I saw people working in offices for years and I instinctively knew, I don't want to be doing that 10 years from now...


I was born and raised in a city outside of Toronto, Canada.


At age 12, something switched on and so become my decade-long struggle with my body. I tried to force myself just to eat plums and almonds to lose weight and be skinnier. No one knew of my struggle.  My inner turmoil become so hurtful that I knew I had to channel this energy somewhere or I would destroy myself.  I decided I would work in media.  I would infiltrate the system andcombat all the skinny models on magazine and spread positive messages.  I thought this meant working for an ad agency or TV channel and went to university to study media and business.

It was there that I discovered I clearly did not belong in the corporate world. (I was that girl who wore neon leggings and a cut-up Transformers t-shirts to my business classes.) Even though I paid $50k in tuition to attend one of the top business schools in Canada, I couldn't bring myself to apply to any corporate jobs.

This was the beginning of my adventures around the world. I learned that when I stood up for what I wanted, life gave me gigs that allows me to travel, learn and make an impact.  These gigs allowed me to spend the next three years, travellng, working and studying all across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.   Travel was my first gateway to a new paradigm. I'd seen too much. I knew there was a different way to create a living and I wanted to know where this path led.

volcano trek

By the time graduated university, I'd been to 21 countries and had life-changing experience. Still, like anyone, I wondered, is now when I finally get a "real" job?

In my heart, the answer was no. So I took a leap and spent a year and a half learn everything I could about online marketing and how to be build an empire.

The Blueprints Don't Work

I learned from all the gurus about how it "should" be done and how I could make millions online while helping people.  The first time I sold my little online program for $50, I couldn't believe it. I could do this!  I could really really do something different with my life!

Then something weird happened. The harder I tried to push and the more "strategies" I tried the worse I felt. I realized that I was doing the thing a lot of accidentally get caught up in: waiting for "it" to work out before I lived my life.

So I packed everything up into one suitcase, one backpack and one handbag and THIS TIME, truly, never looked back. I finally ditched all the blueprints I'd been unconsciously following and committed to only following my heart.

Today I can genuinely say that I'm living my dreams. I create my own schedule everyday. My work is creating the things I love, with people I love and sharing it it. I have incredible friends all around the world. I travel to wherever I want, staying 1-4 months in each place. I am connected to the Divine Force that guides me through everything.

anita wing lee

The thing is, I didn't start out this way.  I was actually a really shy child.  If I can go from the little girl who couldn't stand up for herself to trekking across an African desert solo, I know you have it in you to achieve monumental things too.  

My heart's desire is live the fullest expression of who I am and my hope is that it will inspire you to be all you can be too. 

You in?

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Anita Wing Lee is an international content creator, award-winning speaker, writer, humanitarian and meditation guide. She is the founder of Global Meditation Scope, which is the first and the largest creative meditation movement on Periscope. She is known for sharing a level of authenticity and boldness rarely found online as she chronicles her journey as a millennial committed to fulfilling her highest potential. Often said to be a voice for "wisdom beyond her years," Anita is a pioneer in the new generation of conscious leaders. Anita is the founder of Project Soul Fam, an initiative that harnesses her expertise in travel and leadership to embolden others to live their greatest visions. Anita is a two-time speaker for Summit Live, the world’s most powerful livestreaming event. She has been featured in Mashable, CBC, Adweek and is a Huffington Post contributor. Learn more about her at