Why I'm using Patreon: A Sacred Space To Give & Receive

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Sometimes I ask people to hold the camera close to my face. I notice that they usually get uncomfortable coming in closer. Perhaps that’s why movies captivate us. They let us into souls that we’re afraid to bare. If there’s anything I’ve learned on this journey, it’s that true freedom comes from vulnerability. 
It’s alchemizes into the Invulnerability of an Open Heart.

I am you, and you are me. But not everyone gets this, and when we’re just starting out, we need that sacred incubation space. This is the Home I’ve been trying to create: space for you, my loyal soul family spread around the world and a safe nest for my soul. 
Now, it’s ready. 

If you find regular courage, inspiration or a superhuman-belief-in-the-possible from my work, and I’d be honoured to have your support. Patreon is a space where I can share extra resources & encouragement privately - on my creative process, living a brave life and carving our own paths. The founders of the company have created an beautiful, deeply sincere space for the exchange of love/value/financial resources that helps to sustain artists' and creators' work. That's why I'm choosing to participate in Patreon.

I’ve been making content for over 3 years. There have been times that I wanted to give up but then I think of you and all the emails and comments I've received over the years.

I certainly don't feel like you owe me anything. I do this work because it is what my soul compels me to do. It is my great joy and gift to the world. It is my heart's expression.  Patreon is another way that the great circulation of gifts can continue to flow.

This is exactly why I'm nurturing a sacred space on Patreon, and not a $100/month premium membership coaching. Those kinds of things never felt right. They may be more lucrative, but it's not what feels right to me. What I create online is my sacred work and to price it is impossible. As a gift, it must be free. If I were to price it, it would be priceless.

Ultimately, we are collective, a team, on this never ending journey of life. I share what I do, because that's what a good friend would do.

If you feel called to support me via Patreon, I gladly and gratefuly welcome you. As a thank you, you'll access to dozens of posts not shared anywhere else. (These posts are not shared elsewhere, not because I'm trying to withhold content, but mainly because it is a space I feel safer to share things that are more raw. Not trying to create a paywall. Just being honest.)

You can also join my Patreon for zero if you want. Patreon gives the option to edit your pledge to $0.01 (I believe) when you become a Patreon. You will still be an active Patreon and receive my posts.

Thank you all for powering this work in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

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How I Stay Connected To Friends Around The World

I've been trying to write this post for weeks and today is the day. Ohana means 'family' in Hawaiian. It's a word that captures the open-hearted embrace of the special people who come into your life. This was my Ohana in Hawaii and every person holds a special place in my spirit. I've met so many stunning, exquisite souls over my years of travel. I can't even contain all of them in my heart. Literally when I think of one person I want to catch up with over Skype, I'll think of 10 more and then... 😭. I do my best to schedule one or two calls, we fumble between time zones and wifi connections to share a precious moment, knowing that we probably won't get to talk again in months. At the same time my heart opens deeper, it breaks wider. 

With each new destination I arrive at, I'll meet at least 10 people who make me go like, 🙊 you are SO DOPE. We could be best friends forever?!... Eventually we all have to say "see you soon" and go our separate ways. Every time, I ask myself, what am I supposed to do with all this love?! One person at a time, it's like my heart must expand. It has no choice but to expand. 

There's Padma, Britt, Alex, Marina, Kaitlyn, Tree, Sarah & Fam in Paris, Chris from South Africa, Marianne in Zanzibar, David from the dive shop, Sarah in New Mexico, Kathie in Oakville. It makes me want to cry just thinking about all the hugs, family, meals, road trips and laughter. 

Thank you all so much for helping to grow and step into my light. Thank you for the depth of your generosity, sincerity and love. Thank you for making me a better person. Some of these people don't even have social media so they'll never see this, but they are all, YOU are all, in my 💛

I share my journey as one soul, but I stand as ten thousand. Every post I write is an expression of the love I've received of hundreds of people who have helped me, inspired me, emboldened me and encouraged me on the journey. That includes you, here, my soul family on Insta.

What am I supposed to do with all this love?! I keep sharing it. I let it rip through every layer of my heart and propel me to share more. 
I let it flow in and flow out. 
It must flow out. 💛

The Real Reason I Came Back to Toronto (this year.)

In January 2017, I came back to Toronto because it was time. I knew that I needed to heal my relationship with my parents and do my part to love them. I may not be able to control how others respond, but I can choose to love them. My hope and intention in sharing my story is that you'll know you *can* live your truth. 

I was terrified of coming back, but I knew it needed to be done - so that I can be the best and most healed version of my light. I came with an open heart, had lots of awkward conversations and listened with compassion. It wasn't always like this but now I'm really grateful to say that I have parents who support me and love. Even when it's scary, we can choose love. 

Sorry this video is a little rambling. I was Periscoping at the same time. So we love and learn. 💛 

My video how about how to deal with parents who don't understand you (filmed in summer 2015): https://youtu.be/KQSFE9JOxb8

Whatever Arises, Love That by Matt Kahn: http://amzn.to/2oCnY4Y


Ep. 1 - I'm finally ditching all blueprints: https://youtu.be/I2wYteZeMkI
Ep. 2 - Coming Clean: https://youtu.be/4EN70QeJz_s

Some things are meant to be felt, not posted on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 5.59.38 PM.png

I kept wanting to post yesterday but everytime I thought about what to write, the phrase "I have no words." would to mind. So I stopping trying to. Some things are meant to be felt. Like the luscious feeling of our feet on the group. Fresh air through my lungs. Food in my mouth. Gratitude in my heart. Some things are meant to be processed internally. 

The importance of getting off technology once in a while is obvious to us: constant distraction, unconscious need for other's approval, human contact, nature vibes and OMG our posture. (When we're always looking down at our phones, how often do we remember to look up at the sky?)

It doesn't matter how many opinions you get or what any blogger, expert or guru thinks. It only matters what is the ONE SOLID TRUTH inside yourself: What are you here to do? 
And what are you doing to steer yourself in that direction? Answer that question with certainty and the obstacles will move themselves out of your way.
Get out in the clear (literally and mentally) and you'll discover you already know the answer. 
You already know your next right move.

📸: Photo taken on Sunday. Bodies of water are my second home. I'm gonna sail the world one day, or year. 💛⛵️

The World Needs You, All of You.

My dream is see my generation stop waiting for someone else to save us, and instead, become the leaders you're meant to be. The world doesn’t need more "leaders" who flash their laptop lifestyle, brag how much money they make or talk about authenticity in a post written by a social media manager. 
The world needs people who are REAL and who CARE.
The worlds needs people who understand that money is a divine energy and it’s meant to support your Epic Work. 
The world needs people who are so connected to their purpose that they are POTENT. Unstoppable. 
Tribe, the world needs YOU - those of us who want to create a meaningful life…to actually CREATE it. Because in the creation of your own life, you will touch millions more. 

I want to live in a world where my generation refuses to be chained to desks, jobs, countries, finances, relationships, paperwork or anything that does not serve their soul. 

I want to live a world where it’s normal for us to be world travellers, because we know: understanding our brothers and sisters who share this planet is the fastest way to peace and expansion.

I want to live in a world where millions of millennials create empires of good, courageously lead conscious businesses and pave the way for new systems - ones that honour Mother Earth and humanity.

I want to live in a world where millenials KNOW: we don’t need to stay in job for the paycheque. We will be abundantly supported when we stop tiptoeing around our passion and DIVE in fully. For those called to heal cracks in humanity like poverty, climate change and LGBT rights, I want to live in a world where YOU have billions of dollars to do build world-changing organizations.

I want to live in a world where young women don’t go to the gym to get a bikini body, but because it makes our minds sharper, our creativity unrivalled and our vibes on fleek.

I want to live in a world where soul-sucking old way businesses die naturally, because conscious leaders refuse to show to work in places that align with our values. We don't need to tear down the old systems. We are building our own with our legion of lightworkers. 

I want to live in a world where my generation is AWAKE to our innate power to create and we put 100% of our life energy into the things that lights us up. Because this energy of love and joy heals everything.

I want to live in a world where you never have to feel alone in the decision to chart your own path, because you have a tribe of soul family around the world who believe in you and support you, no matter what.

THIS IS THE WORLD I WANT TO LIVE IN. This is the vision in my heart. This is what fuels me everyday. This world might not be for everyone, but if it’s for you too, you feel it. 👊🏼Tribe, will you build this world with me? 

Nature Tells Us Her Secrets.

Even as I'm in the suburbs these days, I wander to the places and the spaces where I can feel free. Nature is the ultimate healer. 
I run my toes through her grass and my fingers through her leaves. 
I breathe in her sweet scent. I put my ear to her body and tell her, "I'm listening."
That. ⚡️
She exhales and reveals all her secrets to me. Not all at once, but gradually. The more I am open to receiving, the more she reveals. Her forces more potent than any strategy man could conjure up.

I find my way deeper and deeper into her Heart. The muddy waters of the mind settle and I can see straight through to the other side. She envelopes me and shows me visions.
Just keep walking, she beacons. Be not distracted by people who wave their fancy badges and flashy logos. Follow my whisper above all. The world will no longer be moved by people who are cookie cutter polished and perfect. There's already enough of those in your dimension. They served their purpose. 
That is not your destiny.

The world will be MOVED by people who are raw, real and human AF. The world will be moved by people who dare to venture on journeys beyond what the west has seen. The world will be moved by people who are honest, even when it's not safe. 
People who take care of people. 
People who LOVE more than they talk. 
The next wave will be led by those who are brave enough to listen to my whispers now, while the path is still fresh and not trodden. 

She asks me, are you coming? 
This is what it means to be at the front lines of your generation. 
Uncertainty? Sure. 
A radical life? Every freakin day. 
My heart answers, HELLZ YES. I'M IN. 

Coming Clean about Internet Marketing, Me & Money

It’s scary, but freeing to share this with you today. This is my journey through the "Internet Marketing" world and out the other end.  I’m not perfect. I’m just a girl figuring it out as I go, but I am grateful for EVERY step of the journey so far. It’s all helped me to grow into the person I am today - with more strength, compassion, kindness and vision. Never regret your “mistakes.” They are always pointing you in the direction of your greater truth.  

I am forever grateful to everyone who supports me just by tuning into my content, for everyone who joins my programs, hosts me in your country, buys my meditations or supports me on Patreon. YOU make it possible for me to live my purpose everyday. From the core of my heart, I thank you.

I put my whole heart and soul into every video, post and livestream I do, with the intention that it will touch your heart and remind you of your own power.

Infinite Love,  
Anita 💛

I'm ditching all "blueprints": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2wYteZeMkI


I'm FINALLY ditching all "blueprints." (I know, I know.)

I'm finally doing what I always wanted. Here's to fierce, somewhat reckless, totally relentless following of my heart. No more business blueprints, online marketing, etc. etc. (I've already spent about a year un-learning all of that.) Heart & soul above all.

A part of me is very sorry it took me sooo long, but I know that I had to learn these very important lessons in order to have the SOLID clarity and direction that I have now. Thank you guys so much for sticking with me on this journey and being part of my life.

Infinite Love,

Dear Wild Heart, I'm proud of you.

DEAR EXPLORER/Rebel/Adventurer/Creator/Conscious Entrepreneur, 

I want you to know that I'm proud of you. I'm proud of you for having the courage to follow the heart. When no one else will give you reassurance that you're doing the right thing - leaving behind conventional routes to do you own thang - I do. When those who are supposed to love you the most don't get you, I do. I know it takes helluva lotta courage to do your own thing when the easy route says just take the paycheque, get a condo and pretend owning 30 white collared shirts will you happy. I'm proud of you for figuring out what does make you happy and having the courage to pursue it.

DEAR WILD HEART, you with the spirit that longs to be free and the heart that yearns to bring your beautiful visions to life. I'm proud of you for being different and OWNING it. I'm proud of you for all the times you picked yourself back up from a rough patch and kept going.

Even when those who are supposed to love you most doubt you, I believe in you and your dreams. I don't think you'll make it. I KNOW it. You are part of a small section of humanity who will ever take care of their lives and actually live their FULL potential. For that, I am so proud to know you and be on the same team as you. I love for exactly who are you - your quirks, your discipline, your reckless abandon, your free spirit. You don't have to change a thing for anyone. Never forget this.

I want you to know that you DO have what it takes. Every setback and, every limiting belief you conquer will make you stronger. You have wealth worth more than any paycheque could buy and strength more potent than the benefits and job security you gave up. You are destined to inspire millions as you share your gifts with the world. You are exactly the leader our world needs right now.

Keep going. Keep going, for it gets better. It gets easier. It gets wayyyy more dope and fun. The pastures do get greener and the oceans bluer. 
I see you. I know you. I love you and appreciate you so much. I got your back. 

Infinite Love, 
Anita 💛

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There's nothing you need to figure out.

What if everything you dream of is actually just glimmers from your future self trying to nudge you along? What we don't actually "manifest" anything so much as we just got stop resisting it? About a year ago, I got turned off by all the "manifesting" talk going around. People trying to teach us how to "manifest" more wealth, more success, more of the universe going OUR way. It seemed to direct our compulsion to more, more, more, without solving the original problem, which is our compulsion and feeling of lack. In my own journey, I've learned that my soul rests most happy when I dwell in surrender.

I remind myself that the universe is wayyyyyah smarter than me. Planet earth has been around for eons, our solar system for millennia and all of it has been expanding and evolving nature just fine without me clutching onto my manifesting list. I'm just an instrument of a much greater force that beckons all of us to be brave, be leaders, be beacons of light.

So as I working on my next video from Hong Kong and bringing Think Therefore Travel to life for spring, I choose to stop fighting. I know my little 2017 plans are crumbs compared to what Life has in store for me.

"It doesn't matter what you do so much as whether you do it from a place of relaxation or compulsion." Everything we do and make is laced with the energy we put into. And I want everything I do to be laced with a feeling of relaxation, comfort, ease, heart and pure love for the craft.

Life Lessons on My Last Day Of Being 25.

Today is my last day of being 25. This has been the most epic year of my life and it's just the beginning. In October 2015, I found myself thinking about how I'm turning 25 next year in 2016. "I haven't accomplished anything! I've tried so hard to make something of my life and what do I have to show for it?!" I was sitting in my parent's house, spending hours a day on my laptop.  Yea, I'd built out the little corner of light on the Internet that is www.anitawinglee.com, and my social media via Instagram & Periscope, but I still felt like it wasn't enough.

I knew I could do more. So I made a decision: I'm going to make this year - my 25th on planet Earth - different from any other.  I'm going to make it REALLY count.

On Dec 29, 2015, I packed up my life into 1 suitcase, 1 backpack and 1 handbag and left everything behind. My heart wide open and soul on fire, I ventured out to challenge myself. I dedicated the year to answering this question: WHAT WOULD HAPPEN if we didn't worry about money and careers and work up everyday asking, HOW CAN I SERVE? I called it #ProjectSoulFam. I've lost count but the last time I counted, I've been to 30+ cities and 6 countries this year. The locations and travel are just the tip of the iceberg compared to the depth of what I learned about human potential and what we're capable of when we tap in.

As I look ahead, I want to treading the mapless terrain. To let go all need for life to follow some path and embrace the ecstasy of just being alive and let life unfold. 
To live in a perpetual state of being mind blown at life. 

To slow down within. I can still be in action but to feel the settled mess within myself. I have my whole life to explore the wonders of Mother Earth. There is no rush. I know I'm not dying for a couple of decades and I want to savour every twist and turn. 
To love more. To care about people more. 

To treasure my friendships. I decided a long time ago that I want to be the kind of person who can say "I love you" to anymore. Now I'm learning what that actually entails. To be the alchemist who embrace all of humanity in my soul and creates art from it with my life.

To LIVE. to embody the wisdom that I'm not to "make a living". I here to LIVE and give.
To own my greatness and my destiny. I know I will touch billions of lives in my lifetime. To live with such clarity that I can do it all. 

So many people have helped me along in this journey (you know who you are 💛). I'm grateful. 🙏 Thank you to my tribe for all the encouragement along the ways. Here's to many more years of adventuring together! 

How old is Anita Wing Lee and does it really matter?

anita wing lee paris instagram

I often get asked on Periscope how old I am. I have no problem revealing my age but I often take my time answering because I can sense WHY people are asking. Some people hear little about what I "do for a living" (aka. I live, really live) and how I travel the world and they start looking for a reason why they can't do it.

They want to know how young I am so that their minds have an excuse as to why they can't live their dreams.

"It's great you're 25 but I have more responsibilities, no money, kids, car payments, mortgage payments, etc." With all due respect, I could use the same excuses if I wanted. I CHOSE to work around my obstacles, still live my dreams and creating a meaningful work.

There's a saying, "most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in a decade." Or two, or three decade. Tribe, we've got at a couple of DECADES to build something meaningful! I just visited two grandmas that are 90 and 93. We are not victims of our circumstance.

We have a circumstance because that's our starting point on the game board of life. Oprah didn't come from much, but she (along with divine intelligence) created the tycoon she is today. It doesn't matter whether you start living your purpose when you're 25, 30, 40, 50, or 60+, it just matters that you START. Today. Wherever you are. For every person who started living on purpose young, there's also someone who started "old" and we need both kinds in the world.

Excuses are easy. Living your purpose takes courage. Yes, they're might be challenges, but squashing your dreams for decades is challenging and exhausting too! We might as well aim higher and enjoy the crazy adventure to get there. 🙌

I've met countless people aged 40+ who travel the world like I do. FYI They just don't happen to be blogging it, but they're out here and they will tell you the same thing: you can do it too. 💛

Photo: Paris